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A trial is currently being conducted with some users.
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It records your sailing skill on the cloud immediately using sailing sensors. And it shows your sailing performance from every aspects using your sailing data that include GPS, Sail motion data, Board control data and Wind speed and direction data.


It figures out your performance trends by comparing practice data with your data and professional data. CREWING helps you improve your performance in a scientific way that does not depend on intuition alone.

Sail sensor,Board sensor
Sail sensor

The sail sensor can be attached to your mast. It measures your performance by sensing the angle of sail operation.

Board sensor

The board sensor can be easily attached to the board, sensing its inclination and speed. Thanks to its small size, it does not hinder maneuverability.

CREWING supports every aspect of wind surfing and data recordings, performance analyses and recommendations of operability can be viewed from the application.

Currently, we are conducting a trial with some users. If you would like detailed information, please contact us at the address at the bottom of the page.

CREWING  web application

It is very useful for improving sailing skills because I can compare with other players numerically. Former Japan national team

The consciousness was changed. By quantifying my skills, I could clearly set my own goal. Active athlete

Windsurfing is a difficult sport to instruct skills. However, It is possible to express the difference in movement that can not be translated into languages. Coarch

You can easily install it on the wind surfing tool you have with both the sail sensor and the board sensor. Since it is designed to be compact so as to affect the wind and weight as little as possible, it will not interfere with the competition.

Turn on the sensor switch when preparing before you wind surf. Afterwards, you just wind surf as usual. The sensor automatically determines exercises and legs, and measures your performance.

After practice you can see that day's performance right away. Showing maximum speed and average speed, it allows you to intuitively see things that did not work. CREWING specifies points to focus on for the next training session.